Five Benefits of Installing a New Garage Door

house with new garage.jpgThat old garage door that you have been living with could be replaced with a new one. There are several reasons why a new garage door is beneficial to you as a homeowner. Here are some advantages you can enjoy when you have a replacement garage door installed.

Improving Your Home’s Appearance

One of the most noticeable benefits of installing new garage doors is the difference it makes in your home’s appearance. If you have an old garage door that has been on your garage for several years, it could be making your home’s exterior look older and unkempt. If you plan on selling your home in the near future, making the exterior look its best is important for making a great first impression on potential buyers.

Adding Value to Your Home

When you have a new garage door installed, you are adding value to your home. With older garage doors, there is an expectation that it will need to be replaced in a short time. But with new garage doors, they are expected to last for many years. There is less maintenance required on new garage doors and they generally function smoother. This is a great selling point if you are trying to sell your home.

Saving Money on Energy Costs

Many of the older garage doors that homes have did not have insulation included with them. This means that they let out the air that your home is trying to retain and they allow drafts to come in as well. But today’s garage doors are well-insulated. When you replace your older, non-insulated garage door with a new insulated one, you will save on heating and cooling costs throughout the year as it will help keep your home comfortable.

Making Your Home More Secure

Your garage door is potentially the easiest access point around your home if it is an attached garage. That means that you want to make your garage door as secure as possible. Today’s modern garage doors come with added security features that you can add to keep your home and family more secure. From secure remote controls to sturdier construction and other features, a new door can provide peace of mind.

Reducing Maintenance

Older garage doors are not easy to maintain. Because of outdated technology, the amount of use they have received, and other factors, they can be costly to maintain for efficient operation. Installing a new one made from steel, fiberglass, or other durable material can cut down on the amount of time and cost that you would otherwise be putting into maintenance.